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About the Cattle

We have been studying the cattle industry for over a decade.  We moved from South Florida to Kentucky five years ago.  During that time, we worked at making a dream become a reality.

We designed and built a custom cattle handling facility.  The facility is specifically designed to handle "stockers".  The  Cedar Creek Cattle Company is a stocker business, also known as backgrounding or preconditioning cattle.  We buy calves at a certain average weight from stockyards.  When the cattle arrive at the farm, they are vaccinated, tagged, wormed and castrated (if need be.)  The calves are closely observed for several weeks to quickly doctor any illnesses.  Some calves may need extra care and special attention to help them along.  They are "bucket" fed or hand fed on a daily basis.  This feeding time is a good time to observe for sickness.

After a few weeks, the cattle are turned out to graze, but are still given feed  everyday.  The cattle are held anywhere from 120 to 150 days depending on the time of year, rate of gain, weather and market.  Pre-conditioned cattle are sold in "load lots" of 50,000lbs.  When the load is sold, the cattle are shipped to a feedlot.

The feedlot will take care of all the cattle's needs until they reach a certain weight.  At that time, they shipped to a facility where they will be processed for beef. 


During the winter months, the cattle are supplemented with hay.   The 4C utilizes both square bales and round bales.  The forage they harvest is a Fescue/Orchard grass mix with Red and Ladino Clover.  The 4C runs a soil test on our fields to determine what nutrients might be lacking. The hay is analyzed annually to determine the nutrient value.

Kentucky is the largest beef producer east of the Mississippi.  A good portion of Kentucky cattle are produced in herds of 50 head or less.    

The Cedar Creek Cattle Company practices rotational grazing and strip grazing.  This allows the pastures to rest and regrow.  We spot spray for weed control.